Physiotherapists use a combination of functional assessments (how you move), subjective assessments (how you feel and what happened) and clinical tests (like x-rays) to determine the cause and best method of treatment.

At BodyWorx Physiotherapy our physiotherapists use a combination of hands on treatment including massage mobilisation and dry needling with stretching, strengthening and education to treat the cause and prevent reoccurrence.

We may also recommend bracing and workplace changes.

We offer personalised one on one service at all our clinics located in The Junction (Newcastle), CharlestownCorlette (Nelson Bay), Cessnock and Kurri Kurri.

The Junction Clinic
The Junction Clinic
Dry Needling
Dry Needling

Services offered:


Biomechanical Assessment

How each part of your body moves and works together to create movement.



Releasing through soft tissues using triggers points, active release, friction and traction.



Specific stretches designed to target diagnosed tight muscles.


Dry Needling

Western based version of acupuncture. Focuses on the reaction of muscles, nerves and blood vessels to insertion of fine, single use sterile needles.



Moving selected joints through a range of motion to stretch and normalise movement.



Manipulation – or cracking – is the next level from mobilisation.



Targeted exercises to address the cause of your problem.



Supportive adhesive tape to correct movements, decrease pain or prevent re-injury.



Advice regarding appropriate braces.


Rehab Programmes

For independent and gym based rehab post injury or surgery.


Postural/Ergonomic Assessment

Assessing how you stand, site or work to optimise efficiency and prevent injury.


Electrophysical Agents

Includes ultrasound, TENS, heat packs and ice to decrease pain and recovery rate.