Our massage therapists provide a variety of treatments to help loosen tight muscles, ease pain and help release the tension of daily life. They use a variety of techniques to target different parts of the muscle depending on your presenting condition and what you would like targeted.

Choose between a 30 minute or 60 minute session. We recommend patients opt for 60 minutes where time allows especially when it is your first treatment. This gives more time for you to receive an optimal treatment and relax into your massage experience. You may also choose between unscented grapeseed oil, sports essentials oil or relaxation oil blends.

Depending on your preference and condition we can offer:

Remedial or sports massage which usually involves deep tissue releases, trigger points, deep friction combined with gentle circulation improving strokes. This is great for sports injuries, stubborn tight muscles and for people who enjoy a firm and vigorous massage.

Relaxation or Swedish massage involves more gentle strokes along muscle lines. Its aim is to help stimulate circulation, while providing a relaxing and stress releasing experience.

Dry needling or the NormaTech Recovery device can also be added to your massage at a minimal extra cost.

Massage therapy now available at our Kurri Kurri, Corlette and The Junction (Newcastle) clinics.

Commonly asked questions

Should massage hurt?

Some techniques may feel uncomfortable or be slightly painful. We will explain why and when we are doing these techniques. Our therapist will always ask you to let them know if the pressure is too much and needs to be softer.

Can I combine physio with massage?

Yes, we often treat patients together to achieve optimal results and to maintain these once your injury has been fixed. Ask your therapist if this approach will benefit you.

Do I have to get naked?

No, however when doing full body massages we will ask you to remove your outer clothes down to your underwear, but keep you draped with a towel. We do recommend you wear underpants as opposed to boxers for the boys and a normal bra as opposed to a sports bra for ladies (as you can keep your bra on and just open up the back if you feel more comfortable this way.)