Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need a doctors referral to see a physiotherapist or exercise physiologist?

No. Physiotherapists and exercise physiologists are primary health practitioners so private patients do not need a referral to see us.

Do you bulk bill?

You may be eligible for an Enhanced Primary Care (EPC) or Chronic Disease Management (CDM) referral from your GP. These referrals generally require your issues to be of a chronic or complex nature of more than 6 months duration. These referrals entitle you to a rebate from Medicare for Physiotherapy services. We bulk bill these referrals for patients with Centrelink Low Come or Centrelink Disability card. If you do not have a full concession card there is a small gap fee on $11.80 on these consults. Please ensure you mention to reception that you are booking this type of consult.

What if I have a workers compensation claim or motor accident claim?

If you are planning on claiming your injury through an insurance company then it is advisable to see your GP to get a referral to see the physiotherapist – this makes claim management easier and reduces claim dispute issues from insurers. If you already have a claim number please bring this and details of your insurer to your initial appointment.

My doctor has given me a referral to see another Physiotherapist but I want to come to your clinic?

You are totally entitled to choose your own therapist – simply bring the referral in with you to your first session and we will let the referring doctor know that you have commenced treatment with us.

How do I pay for my treatment session?

Insurance claims are billed directly to the insurer provided all necessary claim numbers and information is provided to us.

Private patients need to settle their accounts at the end of each treatment session.

Will my private health fund pay a rebate for my treatment?

Yes. Most private health funds pay a rebate for each session – bring your health fund card with you to the consult as we us use the Healthpoint system to arrange direct funds transfer of your rebate – saving you a trip to the health fund (Healthpoint not currently available at Gateshead).

Some funds also pay a rebate for massage and orthotics – check your individual fund for amount of cover and the services covered.

What do I need to bring to my first session?

It is advisable to bring along any x-rays and scan results that you may already have had taken, a pair of shorts if the injury it to a body part that is under normal clothing, your private health fund card (if you are a member) and means of paying for your consult – ie cash, cheque, credit card.

How many sessions will I need to get better?

In your initial assessment your therapist will give you a “Patient Action Plan” which will outline your treatment program and how many sessions we estimate to get you back to full health. Your progress will be regularly checked throughout this period to ensure excellent progress is being made at all times.

Are you an NDIS registered provider?

Yes we can provide treatment under the National Disability Insurance Scheme for both self funded and plan managed clients. We are able to provide Physiotherapy and Exercise Physiology services as well as rehabilitation equipment related to these treatment sessions to encourage independent work towards your functional goals.

Can I get orthotics at your practice?

Yes. Our clinics use state of the art computer software and footplate scanning technology called “Gaitscan” to assess foot function and order individual custom moulded orthotics – excellent for reducing Achilles Tendon, shin, knee and lower back problems.

Click here to see a video preview of the “Gaitscan” system.

What if I want a remedial massage?

Full body remedial or relaxation massages with our massage therapists are available at our Kurri Kurri, Corlette and The Junction (Newcastle) clinics.

Can you treat bedwetting or Enuresis?

Yes, we work with local paediatric specialists who focus on working with families whose kids have issues in this area. Our physiotherapists can work with kids to help improve their pelvic floor function. This may assist in kids experiencing bedwetting, day time leakage/stress incontinence and urger incontinence. You do not need a referral for these sessions. During this session a physio uses small sticky electrodes we place on the child’s tummy just on the underpants line to help measure pelvic floor activation/relaxation and coach them on how to use it correctly. This process is generally a non-threatening and fun experience for the kids due to our use of interactive technology.