Free Cycling Injury Prevention Ebook

Free Cycling Injury Prevention Ebook

Whether you are just starting out or already up to completing 150km rides preventing injuries should form a part of your training regime.Like most actiities cycling comes with its own specific risks and common injuries.

This Ebook was developed in conjunction with Hands Across the Water to assist with the amazing work they do for communities and kids in Thailand. Other contributors include the great team from Business Blueprint and Chris and his team from Tour De Asia.

Please feel free to download and distribute this Ebook between friends and family. It would be appreciated that when downloading you consider jumping on to Hands page and making a donation towards the amazing work they do. Over the last 5 years I have completed three 500km rides with them and seen impact they have had on so many lives.

Click the link below to download your PDF.

Cycling Injury Prevention

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