So you have Tendinopathy…How can Physio help?

So you have Tendinopathy…How can Physio help?

So, you go to a GP with sore (insert body part here). They decide on some pain relief and a scan which says you have a tendinopathy and should see physio. Here’s what it means for you–>

Tendinopathy is very common. In fact many studies show that even people without any symptoms have underlying tendinopathy  without realising. This injury usually results from increase in load or force applied to a muscle that the tendons aren’t capable of tolerating. Because of this constant re-aggravation and over work tends to make these injuries worse.

There is increasing evidence that points to load management being the main form of treatment. This is combined with exercises prescribed to put an appropriate amount of load through the tendons within pain tolerance. Tendinopathy and tendonitis is one of the few injuries where a small amount of pain associated with exercise is acceptable when guided by an experienced physiotherapist.

Over the last few years there has been many different treatment protocols focusing on the treatment of various tendinopathies.  Whilst these are shown to still have some validity, an individual program tailored to each patients needs and goals is the most effective way to treat these injuries. This is due to the variety of biomechanical causes and factors that contribute to tendon injury. Other factors can include training volume, variety, footwear and recovery periods.

Treatment of Tendinopathy

In the initial stages of treatment, physiotherapists trial various pain relief strategies to settle soreness and allow less pain with less pain with exercise. These can include

Both Physiotherapists and GPs following the latest evidence base and try to avoid cortisone injections where possible.  This is due to an increased risk of tendon degeneration and rupture from locally applied cortisone. These injuries rarely resolve quickly and often depend on individual work circumstances and the patient’s ability to avoid flaring up the injury. Bracing and taping can help to complete tasks that can’t be avoided because of their work or sports commitments. It is common that your pain will fluctuate depending on what you have been doing.

If you are experiencing pain from resulting from tendinopathy, come and see one of our friendly physios. Early assessment and treatment generally means a quicker resolution of symptoms with an early return to work or sport.

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