Early Treatment of Injuries to Promote Quick Recovery

Early Treatment of Injuries to Promote Quick Recovery

The first few days following an injury are crucial in minimising recovery time and ensuring the best injury outcome. So, what should you do in the first 1-2 days following an injury? You may have heard of RICE, RICER or even the PRICE acronyms for acute injury management, but have you heard of the POLICE (Protection, Optimal Loading, Ice, Compression, Elevation) principle? It is a new way to approach acute injuries.

Protection: of the injured area to avoid further tissue damage. During the first few days it is important to rest the area before incorporating some gentle range of motion exercises while still keeping the area protected from further damage. This could mean using crutches for a period of time, wearing brace or a sling to allow the injury to heal while continuing to go about your day.

Optimal Loading: is important to stimulate a healing process. Gentle passive range of motion exercises should commence early, followed by an active range of motion and then strengthening exercises. This progressive load can help promote optimal healing and prevent joint and muscle stiffness or muscle atrophy. The challenging part of this, is to determine what is ‘optimal’ for your injury. That’s where we can help!

Strengthening exercises

Ice: can help to relieve pain within the first 24-72 hours post-injury as it is an effective analgesic. Ice may also help to decrease swelling. The recommended protocol for ice application is every few hours for up to 20 minutes within the first few days of injury.

Compression: is the most effective strategy in managing swelling. A compression bandage can be used as long as swelling is present.

Elevation: can help to manage swelling and reduce the pain. Make sure you keep your injured body part above the level of your heart for this to work most effectively, particularly in lower limb injuries. 

The POLICE principle is an easy guide for immediate injury care. Remember that the first few days following an injury are crucial in minimising recovery time and ensuring the best injury outcome!

Given the importance of early injury management, it might be worth while giving us a call and coming in for a FREE assessment where we determine if physiotherapy will be beneficial in optimising your outcome. 

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Free Assessment Conditions Statement:

Free Assessment Session Conditions: New patients only, not redeemable for cash, there is no rebate chargeable for this session. Session includes assessment and written treatment plan constructed by a physiotherapist and any referrals deemed necessary. Please state if you wish to book this type of session when talking to reception. During this session you may elect to receive treatment if time allows, if so the session will attract the standard physiotherapy rates and private health fund rebates may be claimable on this session. Your therapist will notify you of any charges before treatment commences if you elect to receive treatment.

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